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What’s Important To you, Is Important To Us. With a focus on client relations, we’ll discover your long-term needs and ambitions, and create a personalised plan that looks after them.



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Connectum And You

Whatever your personal requirements, whether it’s investing your savings to provide for future generations, or to simply guarantee a stress-free retirement, at Connectum – we’ve got your covered. We’ll provide you with independent, tailored advice and a realistic plan for achieving all of your goals.

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We Listen

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients. Together, we’ll map out your long-term requirements and create a tailor-made plan for achieving them. Our recommendations are disciplined and designed for the long-term, and our only form of remuneration is our pre-agreed fee.

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100% Independent Advice

Any advice we offer will always have your best interests at heart. Unlike other financial advisers, we don’t sell our own products and have no affiliations with banks or financial institutions of any kind. As a result, our recommendations are never influenced by internal or external interests.

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Brexit from a Norwegian perspective
28-06-2017 | Market Trends, Wealth Management

Brexit - which we now in the process of – changes the EU and challenges Norway. Brexit belongs to the category of heavy political events that also change the mindset of large sets of voters.

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Brexit – now what?
24-06-2016 | Market Trends

The UK woke up on Friday morning to a vote to leave the EU, the Prime Minister is set to leave office in October and the markets are suffering a bout of jitters. We all knew that these were possibilities.

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Brexit – keep calm and carry on!
23-06-2016 | Market Trends

With the referendum to remain in, or leave, the European Union upon us, we thought it would be a useful time to provide some reassurance that the investment portfolio that we look after for you is well positioned to weather any investment storms ahead.

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What our clients say


Thom Torvik & Harald Chr. Jensen

Owners of Torvik Jensen AS

"Since then, for many years, we have experienced that Mrs Stott and Tønnevold’s claims stack up and that the portfolio is growing well and at the same time, the costs are low and transparent. Confidence is something you earn. Connectum has earned our trust in an absolutely superb manner.”


Leif Hoemsnes

Head of Department, Downhole Technology, Island Offshore Subsea As

”Based on long and serious conversations, an investor profile was drawn up as a basis for my investments. This resulted in a robust portfolio that stays on course and moves in the right direction. I feel very well looked after and in addition, the return is far above average."


Nils & Ingeborg Atterås

Founder and former owners of LAB

”At Connectum, we met people who showed genuine concern for what is best for us. It has fared impressively well through the unrest of the last few years. It shows, more than anything, the strength of Connectum’s thoughtful approach and disciplined follow up.”


Nils Morten Udgaard

Former Foreign Editor in Aftenposten / Former State Secretary under Kåre Willoch

”Crucial for me was that Connectum did not act as a seller on behalf of their own or others' financial products and gave advice on a completely independent basis. The experience has been very good, also through the financial crisis, and the return has been above market returns.”

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