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Owners & Entrepreneurs

We have many clients who have built their own business and seek external help to preserve and grow wealth to secure their future. Most of them own their shares and interests through investment holding vehicles. Some have sold all or parts of their own company or are considering doing so. You can safely talk to one of our partners regarding this. It is important to have an investment strategy and implementing it. We ensure that our investment advice culminates in the construction of a robust portfolio that keeps your assets safe through various market conditions. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and specialize translating clients’ needs, goals and assumptions into an investment strategy that protects their hard-earned capital.

We also help with other matters related to your personal finances. We have an extensive network of experts who are at the forefront  their fields and can assist with devising the most optimal ownership structure and, purchase/sale of your business, property and transfer of wealth to future generations etc.

We are experienced advisors providing completely independent and exclusively fee-only advice. We are also licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Connectum is the only investment advisor in Norway that is certified by CEFEX and meets their requirements for global excellence in fiduciary duty.

Contact one of our Owners & Entrepreneurs specialists , Richard Stott or Nils–Odd Tønnevold (Norway) or Henrik Tell (Sweden) for a no-obligation, confidential chat by telephone, video or in person or download our contact request form and add your details and we will contact you.

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