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Well planned and executed wealth transfer: We have many years of experience from working with Family Offices in the Nordics, Europe and elsewhere, ensuring that their needs, which often are complex, are met. Various ownership structures such as trusts, foundations, investment holding companies, life wrappers etc. are second nature to us and while we acknowledge that every Family Office is unique, they often have much in common. There are many considerations to acknowledge. Planning and ensuring that wealth is preserved and passed on to future generations is crucial, as is finding a balance between active ownership, asset management and other interests. It is also important to ensure that value creation, profitability and sustainability go hand in hand.

Financial capital should be broadly, globally diversified to ensure you capture the global market returns from the asset classes chosen and to limit the effect of market fluctuations. From experience we believe that the financial portfolio is best invested in assets with daily liquidity as that gives flexibility to rebalance, re-allocate or withdraw cash on short notice. It is also more efficient and reduces risks and costs of asset management.

Unique expertise: Founded in 2002, Connectum is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, ensuring strict requirements for compliance with laws, regulations and quality of advice. As a Connectum client, you will be looked after by experienced advisors that provide completely independent, fee–only advice. Connectum is the only investment advisor in Norway that is certified by CEFEX, meeting their requirements for global excellence in fiduciary duty. There is no better stamp of quality on professionalism, integrity and objective advice. It ensures we always put clients’ interests first. We are probably the most experienced advisor employing evidence-based investing and factor strategies. Together with strategic rebalancing, Connectum’s philosophy and factor model has proven its ability to deliver systematic market returns. Additionally, we have access to experts at the forefront of their fields, globally, at the disposal of our clients.

Tailoring: We tailor investment strategies, asset allocation and investment choices in close collaboration with our clients based on a thorough understanding of their needs, goals and assumptions. We ensure that the strategy is suitable, appropriate and works under all market conditions. We know that systematic investing, patience and discipline delivers what you need.

Contact one of our Family Office specialists, Richard Stott or Nils–Odd Tønnevold (both Oslo) or Henrik Tell (Stockholm) for a no obligation, confidential chat by telephone, video or in person or download our contact request form and add your details and we will contact you.

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