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Expats & Internationals

We specialize in providing financial advice for expats and internationals living in a country other than where they were born. We help with savings plans, investments and pensions that are suitable, appropriate and take care of your needs and goals across international borders. Through our network of tax experts with global reach and local understanding we ensure that the tax implications from where you have lived, live now and consider living in the future are understood and reflected, as appropriate. We also consider your planned retirement date and your pensions and savings when developing an investment strategy tailored to meet your needs, goals and assumptions.

Two of our partners have many years of experience providing  financial advice to expats and have access to experts at the forefront of their fields, in the Nordics and globally, that can assist with selecting the most suitable ownership structure, purchase/sale of business/property, planning and implementation of IHT planning.

Richard Stott, one of Connectum’s founding partners, is himself a British expat who has lived in Germany and Switzerland for many years prior to moving to Norway in 2000. Nils–Odd Tønnevold, our other founding partner, is half Swedish and half Norwegian and lived in Scotland for 12 years before settling in Norway in 1998.

Founded in 2002, Connectum is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, ensuring strict requirement and compliance with laws, regulations and quality of advice.  At Connectum, you will be in the care of experienced advisors who provide completely independent, fee–only advice. Connectum is the only investment advisor in Norway that is certified by CEFEX and meets their requirements for global excellence in fiduciary duty. There is no better stamp of quality on professionalism, integrity and objective advice. It ensures we always put the customer’s interest first. We are perhaps the Nordic region’s most experienced advisors employing scientifically documented, evidence-based factor strategies. Together with strategic rebalancing, Connectum’s business model has proven its ability to deliver systematic market returns.

Contact our expat specialist  Richard Stott. person or download our contact request form and add your details and we will contact you.

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