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The Connectum Model

Our business model can be summed up in three words: “We don’t speculate.”

Instead, we’ll always listen to what you want, and plan our actions accordingly. This ensures that all of our recommendations are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. What’s more, you’ll be protected by our science-based philosophy in which nothing is left to chance. Everything we do will always follow a logical chain of reasoning, with a clear path to take you from A to Z.

Your Money, Your Plan

Your investment portfolio should be as unique as you are, and should match your specific goals.

We work to the model below

1. Your Personal Portfolio

We’ll spend some time getting to know you, so that we can identify what you want to achieve with the money you have to invest. Then, once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll create a personal portfolio of suitable investments for you to consider.

Unlike most banks and financial service providers, we are not linked to any suppliers nor are we required to sell any particular savings or investment products. This ensures that there is no conflict of interest in the all-important decision making process.

2. Diversification

We take care of all of the decision making for you. This includes systemic decisions, diversification and weighting of investments across various asset classes such as money markets, bonds, property and shares, and careful selection within each share category across countries, currencies, industries, sectors and regions.

This ensures a well-functioning diversification of underlying securities, in line with clearly defined criteria. The end-result of which, will be a balanced and robust portfolio that delivers a good return over time.

3. Efficiency

You’ll receive a service free of unnecessary risks and costs, and will benefit from the use of disciplined asset allocation and exposure to certain risk factors, which have been scientifically proven to result in increased returns. This will allow a greater degree of predictability and allow you to achieve your goals more easily.

4. Implementation And Discipline

Once we have have agreed on the best plan for your investment, we’ll put it into action. Then, we’ll follow up your portfolio in accordance with this plan, and provide regular progress and development reports. Once in place, this plan will never be changed without your permission.

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