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The customer understands that any investment in and trading of financial instruments and other related instruments is linked to the risk of loss. The value of invested capital can fall as well as rise. The value of financial instruments depends on a number of factors, such as fluctuations in the financial markets and specific conditions associated with issuers of, and/or the financial instruments themselves. Historical returns cannot be used as a reliable indicator of future returns on financial instruments. The customer must evaluate the risk associated with the current instrument and market. The client should refrain from investing in and trading in financial instruments and other related instruments if the client is not himself aware of the risks associated with such investments or transactions. The customer is encouraged to seek advice from relevant advisors and, if necessary, request additional information before making any decision.

Any and all transactions that the customer makes on the basis of the general analysis and recommendations prepared by Connectum through this tool, are made at the customer’s own discretion and at the customer’s risk. Connectum disclaims any responsibility for financial risk and financial outcome related to the recommendation and analysis produced through this tool, and Connectum does not and cannot guarantee any particular result from the customer’s trading or investment.

All analysis and recommendations prepared by Connectum are based on publicly available information related to financial markets and instruments. Connectum does not guarantee the completeness of the analysis or recommendations, and the company assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions or deficiencies in the company’s analysis or underlying information and data, etc.

Any statement or assumptions concerning future development that may appear directly or indirectly in an analysis or recommendation entail significant uncertainty in their nature. Such statements can never be interpreted as promises or guarantees from the company.