Connectum Certified by CEFEX as Norway’s First Fiduciary Adviser

‘What is a fiduciary? A person or firm who accepts a responsibility to look after the interests of another and to place the interests of the other party before their own.’

13-09-2018 | Comments, Kommentarer

From the moment Connectum was founded back in 2002, we set out to put our client’s interest’s first.  Often it has meant doing things slightly differently to the way people are used to financial services firms in Norway behaving but we have always believed that our relationships with our clients should be a partnership.

Last year we entered into an agreement with CEFEX, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence in Pittsburgh to audit our firm and the way we look after our clients to ensure that everything we do is geared towards putting our clients’ interests first.  We are delighted to announce that in May CEFEX confirmed that, following a thorough examination of the way we do business, our documentation, processes and the way we look after our clients’ interests, they were certifying Connectum as the first adviser in Norway to have passed their requirements and met their standards for fiduciary excellence.

We are delighted to join the group of advisers around the world who have been certified by CEFEX and will ensure through the annual audit that we continue to uphold the standards necessary to ensure we put our clients first.

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